Catering and Events

At Spacewise we have experience in articulating the exact needs of people working with food and wine in remote areas or at outdoor events that take place all over the country annually. And in these situations we know that the weather does not always cooperate with our clients wishes, which is why when it comes to catering events we offer them the best services with the least amount of hassle and several different models of container. These sorts of culinary events occur throughout the country, coordinated to ensure a positive outcome and with a zeal for quality food, in order to ensure they draw a crowd expecting the highest quality of food. Consequently, the people who are organizing and facilitating outings built around excellent food come to Spacewise to help them preserve the taste of each and every meal they serve with the help of our reefers or refrigerated shipping containers. Catering these sorts of events which unlike the typical concert may last only for a night or two or they can extend easily into several days into the future, requires that organizers may need to rely on Spacewise to come up with solutions to ensure that they can conserve food in a temperature controlled environment.

Of course we don’t simply supply these foods and beverage based events, Spacewise is a shipping container company with a wide variety of shipping containers that are precisely built or modified to serve what may sometimes be a singular purpose. We have containers converted into meeting halls, event booths, and even toilet blocks. Still the most important containers that Spacewise brings to the art of catering these events, is providing a reliable and expansive space to store perishable foods and regulate the temperature of a particular environment as well. This is because, in cases dealing with festivals dealing with wine and food, where high end food needs to needs to be kept fresh, but that there is ample space for any new food brought in to replenish the stock for an event meant to last for several weeks. Aside from the reefer shipping containers, which keep things like choice cuts of meat frozen, we also have our temperature controlled containers which have a temperature control range of +25 and -25°C, meaning that the shipping container can be calibrated to preserve everything from raw dough to cheese.

The Spacewise shipping containers that you will often find at the event will have typically been brought to the site on the backs of Spacewise’s lorries that are constructed to both power and to transport the exact sort of load that you require for your event. And this portability as well as the containers internal function, makes them almost essential to any sort of food and beverage best anywhere across the country. By ensuring that the food is stored and persevered properly Spacewise ensures that the patron of every culinary event we happen to be involved with, leaves satisfied.